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Introducing the
Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) Program

The IOK program is a one-stop solution designed to assist DApp developers and strengthen the Klaytn ecosystem. With over 150+ partners across 10+ categories among global top tier players.

About the program

As part of Klaytn 2023 Vision Map, the program is designed to contribute towards seamless builder onboarding by providing pragmatic and comprehensive support across the technical, and business aspects for DApp developers. The IOK program allows DApp developers to focus solely on product development while industry experts take care of other crucial aspects, such as Wallets, Marketing, Security Tools, API Nodes, NFT Marketplace, Oracles, Development Outsourcing, and more. In this program, each participant would have access to at least two options for each service category, ensuring flexibility and choice.

Benefits of the IOK program

Klaytn Improvement Reserve

  • Time and cost-savings

    DApps can save time and costs by easily finding reliable partners through the program.

  • Focus on product development

    DApp developers can concentrate solely on developing their products, as professional assistance is available for other crucial aspects.

  • Networking opportunities

    Partners can accumulate excellent references over time, enhancing their reputation in the industry.

  • Quality services

    DApps can receive industry-leading quality services at reasonable prices.

For Partners

Building<br /> references

Partners can accumulate excellent references over time, enhancing their reputation in the industry.

Attracting and<br /> retaining<br /> customers

Partners can consistently attract and retain customers.

Networking<br /> opportunities

Partners can also take advantage of networking opportunities with top-tier players.


Build your next unicorn on Klaytn with IOK Partners

Current Partners

Different partners expertise

Game-Fi Tool
On-Chain Data
API Service
Accelebration Incubation
Security Tool
De-Fi Service
NFT Marketplace
RPC Provider
Legal Support
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The BuildOnKlaytn Program is a key component that will contribute towards Klaytn Foundation’s goal of collaboratively transforming Klaytn into the public foundational layer for tomorrow’s on-chain world. Are you a potential partner or DApp developers?
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