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BlockPI Network

The BlockPI Challenge

To develop innovative implementations on optimising integration between Klaytn Endpoint Node and BlockPI HyperNode.

The BlockPI

Currency Klay

Problem Statement

1. Develop and Buidl

Develop integrations to improve the Klaytn Endpoint Node to better work with BlockPI HyperNode to provide RPC service. Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Request cache. (Save the results of request methods which will return fixed messages in the cache for instant response)
  • P2P global network and fast broadcast. (Improve the P2P network communication success rate, and optimize the broadcast speed)
  • Offline storage, hot and cold storage, query middleware. (Offline node can still write data; With the block data grows, classify different kinds of block data to be saved in hot and cold storage, and develop the corresponding middleware to fast get those data)
  • Fast sync. (Improve the synchronization speed of the Klyatn Endpoint Node)
  • Any tools to help the community to better use the BlockPI network.

2. BlockPI Network Integration

Integrate BlockPI network RPC service in their products.

Challenge Requirements

  • To provide a URL to your open source code repository for the ecosystem/tooling application.
  • To provide a URL to interact with the ecosystem/tooling application.
  • To provide a video that demonstrates the ecosystem/tooling application.

Prize Arrangement

USD $3,000
USD $1,000

Integrating BlockPI network RPC service on Dapps

  • Winners will need to provide their KLAY wallet addresses to be able to receive the rewards.