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Technology Overview

An Overview
of Klaytn


  • A private side chain that guarantees all the benefits of Klaytn: high TPS,
    low transaction fees, data integrity and privacy.
  • Perfect solution to support your metaverse ecosystem.
  • Get Started with ServiceChain
  • Klaytn's low latency makes it the ideal platform for building the Metaverse. Find out more in this article.
  • Klaytn runs on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), Klaytn supports a smooth compatibility with Ethereum with equivalent interfacing, tools and overall developer experience.
  • Useful resources
    • Toward Ethereum Equivalence #1 —<a href='https://medium.com/klaytn/toward-ethereum-equivalence-1-introducing-klaytn-v1-8-0-971911be7ff9' target='_blank'>Introducing Klaytn v1.8.0</a>
    • Toward Ethereum Equivalence #2 —<a href='https://medium.com/klaytn/toward-ethereum-equivalence-2-changes-in-precompiled-contract-addresses-a314d9db2927' target='_blank'>Changes in Precompiled Contract Addresses</a>
    • Toward Ethereum Equivalence #3 —<a href='https://medium.com/klaytn/toward-ethereum-equivalence-3-supporting-ethereum-apis-ab16f66008' target='_blank'>Supporting Ethereum API Formats</a>
    • Toward Ethereum Equivalence #4 —<a href='https://medium.com/klaytn/toward-ethereum-equivalence-4-ethereum-transaction-types-a5aefb18e5bf' target='_blank'>Supporting Ethereum Transaction Types</a>
  • An end-to-end developer package filled with tools and resources to simplify building in the Klaytn metaverse, consisting of:
    • Scaling solutions
    • SDKs
    • Smart contract libraries
    • Oracles
    • Bridges and so much more.
  • Starting with the Alpha version, components of the Metaverse Knowledge Kit will be released on a quarterly basis, with each one better than the last.


  • Klaytn is an open source public blockchain designed for tomorrow’s on-chain world.It is the optimal blockchain for building games and realizing the metaverse.
  • Klaytn 2.0 marks Klaytn’s transition to focus on the metaverse, supporting Ethereum Equivalence and the comprehensive Metaverse Package to facilitate blockchain building experience. To better understand Klaytn 2.0, please refer to our Light Paper.
  • Klaytn is EVM compatible, and supports all Ethereum London EVM features. Our `eth` namespace has been amended to be compatible with Ethereum’s. Ethereum toolings can be used seamlessly, and migration of Ethereum dApps have also become possible with minimal effort. Transaction types and fields are also equivalent to Ethereum’s.
  • Klaytn transitioned from a fixed gas fee policy to adopt a dynamic gas fee mechanism in order to combat arbitrage bots. Please refer to this article for more information.
  • To provide maximum convenience for dApp developers, Klaytn has devised a way to decouple private keys from addresses. As a result, you can easily implement multisig, whereby you create multiple private keys for a single account, with each key having different weights. Each key can be assigned with different roles as well.
  • Whether you are migrating from Ethereum, or building on Klaytn from scratch, we support all the necessary tools and infrastructure. You can test your smart contracts on Remix IDE using Klaytn Plugin or connect to MetaMask wallet and Kaikas. Klaytn’s sdk `caver` is available as caver-js You can refer to our tutorials to try building a dApp on Klaytn.
  • Klaytn is most certainly open source! Take a look at our Github Organisation and you can start contributing to our Klaytn Documentation. Read more about our open-source policies here.
  • You may purchase KLAY on the exchange. The list of available exchanges can be found here: Coinmarketcap or Coingecko
  • Refer to this list for Klaytn’s Public Node Providers and the network domains.
  • You can get test KLAY for development and testing purposes here:
    • <a href='https://baobab.wallet.klaytn.foundation/faucet' target='_blank'>Klay Faucet</a>
    • <a href='https://www.allthatnode.com/faucet/klaytn.dsrv' target='_blank'>AllThatNode Faucet</a>
  • Since we cannot guarantee uptime and stability of the endpoints, you can always check for node provider status here.
  • Klaytn is supported by the cold wallet D’cent, as well as a host of hot wallets like Kaikas, MetaMask and more. Please refer to the list here.